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The 5 aesthetic treatments for men with the greatest demand


#1 laser hair removal

Some men find it annoying to have so much hair on their body. For this reason, many have begun to undergo laser hair removal treatments, especially on the arms, armpits, legs, back and chest. Since these hairs are very thick, they are much more difficult to remove with a regular razor. 

#2 Radiofrequency:

Elimination of stretch marks and facial flaccidity with radiofrequency Many people are not aware of this, but men also suffer from stretch marks and facial sagging. Especially those who have been struggling to lose weight, since the more stretched the skin has been, the more noticeable the stretch marks are. An excellent treatment that will help in the elimination of stretch marks and flaccidity in men is to use a radiofrequency machine.

#3 Photorejuvenation with IPL

IPL photorejuvenation is mainly performed on those who want to look younger and remove blemishes, reduce pores and improve skin tone. It is carried out especially on the face and neck. As for the treatment, this is done with a pulsed laser light, also called IPL. This light penetrates the skin stimulating the creation of collagen, making it look much smoother and softer.

#4 Body endomodeling

The endomodeling treatment is based on the reduction of fat in specific areas of the body. It is one of the aesthetic treatments with the most demand today due to the excellent results that have been obtained, both in men and women. It is completely painless and is responsible for stimulating the vascular and lymphatic system with a device that sucks the skin. This reduces fat, fluids and toxins from areas such as the thighs, buttocks, belly, arms, among others. Also, it serves to eliminate dark circles, facial and body wrinkles and as a muscle treatment.

#5 Acne treatment with photoepilation

Photoepilation is one of the best treatments to combat acne. It eliminates the bacteria that remain stored in the facial hair and that cause the appearance of pimples. This photoepilation device contains laser light capable of killing hair and stimulating the blood vessels that help the sebaceous glands, making them produce less and less sebum and eliminating accumulated bacteria.

What are the most profitable aesthetic treatments by price/hour?

Are the treatments that I offer in my center profitable? Is it worth offering them or should I replace them? Do I need to make a large investment in equipment for my aesthetic center to be profitable? These are some questions that beauty businesses like yours often ask each year. If you feel identified, continue reading, because we will try to answer each of these questions.

But before we get started, let's clarify what "profitable treatment" means. When we talk about profitable treatments we refer to: “Services that are highly demanded, with a low performance cost, short duration and with a wide profit margin. Also services that guarantee the return to the center of the clients (treatments with several sessions).” However, you can't just offer the most popular aesthetic services. You must also have other treatments in your center to ensure that you cover the different needs of the people who come to your business. In this sense – and based on our experience – we recommend choosing the business model that best suits your case.







This first business model is focused on offering basic or “easy to sell” services at affordable prices: 35% Other services: manicures, pedicures, waxes, among others. 30% laser hair removal (sold by individual sessions) 20% Body treatments (with little equipment) 15% facial treatments (with little equipment) These services are easy to sell, but they don't generate as much customer loyalty. For this reason, they become unprofitable in relation to price per hour. On average, the profitability will be around €65 per hour of work.



On the other hand, in the second business model, use is made of: Good aesthetic equipment Proven work protocols And an effective protocolized sales system-in which all staff must be trained-. In this case, the billing generated using aesthetic appliances would be much higher than other services: 40% Laser hair removal (with a return between €100 and €120 per hour of work) 30% Body treatments (with equipment) 20% facial treatments (with equipment) 10% Other services: manicures, pedicures, waxes, among others. This second method is based on sales of vouchers/treatments that can exceed €500, with a high level of loyalty. On average, the overall turnover of the center will be €120 per hour of work. In summary. We can assure you that investing in appliances will make your beauty center take that big leap you are looking for in the short, medium and long term.

Most profitable aesthetic treatments Currently, body treatments with equipment are the most profitable. There is no doubt about that. Here we show them in order of profitability.


1. Diode laser hair removal

Offering diode laser hair removal will represent 40% of the income in your beauty center, with a big return of work. The XHR 1,600 high power diode laser equipment is the technological response to the needs of the laser hair removal professional.


2. Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is the most demanded and most loyal anti-cellulite treatment by customers. With the SILUETTE pro equipment you can combine different therapies to successfully face body modeling treatments, circulatory and lymphatic disorders.


3. Radiofrequency

With radiofrequency equipment you can: attenuate expression and gravitational wrinkles, drain bags and dark circles, visibly reshape and reshape the contour of the facial oval, and much more, This device is essential to increase the turnover of your aesthetic center. The DIATERMIKA team covers any deficit presented by the client to be treated. Both in facial and body, Capacitive and Resistive Diathermy are essential therapies.


4. Cryotherapy

It is a highly profitable treatment since, once the therapy has started, it does not require the permanent presence of the professional. The CRIOX cryolipolysis equipment is equipped with the latest technological advances to carry out treatments for the permanent elimination of localized adiposity in an effective, comfortable way and without significant side effects.


5. Vacuum therapy

And, finally, we recommend you get a vacuum kit for body endomodeling. Endo 5.0 is the result of the technological evolution of five generations of Avanxel vacuum equipment aimed at combating body blemishes.


Opening an aesthetic center can be very profitable if you follow the right steps and find the key to what your client needs. To check the level of profitability of each of your current -or future- services, you must take into account factors such as: Cost of products and materials. Cost of using the equipment or appliances and amortization -whether it is purchased or rented appliances.

Cost of employment of each professional (price per hour) -according to their skills and rank-. Duration of the session -compared with other services of a similar duration. Number of times you have performed the service in a month -or on average in the last few months-. Importance of the service in your list of services and level of specialization that you have. All the treatments that we recommend in the article are very effective.

Choosing one or the other depends on the type of client you work with. But also of your economic capacity. On the latter, there is the possibility of acquiring state-of-the-art equipment without having to buy them. Renting cosmetic appliances is an excellent way to grow without risking almost anything. Some aesthetic equipment companies offer this option to make the most advanced equipment accessible to many more centers. We like to help small and medium-sized businesses like yours, so that they can be more competitive in an increasingly saturated sector. And that's not all. In addition to having the option to rent your equipment, you will also feel professional support in every way. Because:

  • You will learn to manage your equipment like a charm with the technical training that we are going to give you.

  • You will have a human team behind you, who will work hard to resolve any questions or problems you may have.

  • You will have at your disposal a fast and efficient technical service in the event of a breakdown.

  • You will be able to increase the average ticket of your services and invoice even more.

  • You will lose the fear of selling, because you will learn to market the treatments that really work.

  • You will gain that confidence that you so much need. ​

You have at your fingertips the opportunity to grow. We don't say it because. We've seen it too many times already. We are so sure that it will go well for you, that we want to be a first-row witness to this exciting path that you have already started, but that has not just taken off as you would like. We are going to help you discover that great professional that you have inside and feel that you have created a stable business that works for yourself. If you have any questions do not hesitate to write to us.

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 How to open a beauty salon step by step 


Have you finally decided to take the step of opening your own beauty salon and don't know where to start? Is your mind full of doubts and are you looking for information that will help you set up your business knowing that you are doing it right? It is normal for you to be at this point. Setting up a business from scratch is not an easy path. That is why today we are going to help you with a complete step-by-step guide to know how to open a beauty salon. Let us begin…

1. Decide what type of business you are going to open When you want to open an aesthetics and beauty business, you must decide what type it will be. You have three options: An aesthetic franchise, with proven results, although with limitations in the development of your personal brand and philosophy. Completely independently, making the decisions yourself based on your previous experience. Creating your business from "0" with the advantages of a franchise, but without giving up your identity and philosophy at any time. In the post Why NOT set up a franchise for an aesthetic center? We explain each of these options in more detail.

2. Do a good market study Once the type of beauty business has been decided, it is very important to carry out a market study, as a previous step to carrying out a business plan (which we explain in the next point). With this report you will know if your business will be viable or not. The market study consists of a business initiative in order to get an idea about the commercial viability of an economic activity. Source: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estudio_de_mercado Some of the questions that such a study answers are: Will the business model I am thinking of work for my center? What audience should I target? How much is my public willing to pay for aesthetic services? Can I compete with other businesses in my area? How can I differentiate myself from my competitors? Responding to these questions -and many more- is essential for making decisions when opening a new salon. The goal is to get data from potential customers, competitors and suppliers. You will also get a complete x-ray of how the aesthetics sector is doing and how it can affect your future business. You can collect this data in different ways before opening an aesthetic center: surveys, interviews, studies, etc. Then you will have to interpret them and draw conclusions. What will all this do for you? Easy.

You will know if you will be able to cover a demand with your business idea. And therefore you will know if it is feasible or not to set up a beauty salon.


3. Develop a business plan for your beauty salon A good business plan will help you keep your feet on the ground and keep the budget to set up your center at bay. Everything will be marked. Everything will have a reason and there will be no room for improvisation. Not knowing where you are going or changing your mind every week will be very expensive in terms of time, financial resources and mental stress. And this is something you should avoid if you don't want your company to fail before you start. A business plan should reflect how the entire business project of your beauty center will be developed. In it you will have to demonstrate the viability and profitability of your beauty salon. It is about creating a roadmap or a guide that every entrepreneur must follow when opening their own center. This roadmap will include: Characteristic Business model Objectives Your products and services that you are going to sell How much will you charge for the services you offer? strategies to follow Advertising campaigns to attract customers And, in general, all those actions that you will have to carry out to get a successful and profitable beauty salon. In addition, if you need financing or are looking for a partner to open your center, you will have to have a well-prepared business plan.

4. Choose your business model The business plan will be the place where you will have to capture that business model that will get your center off the ground in a few months. Here we wanted to develop this point because of its importance and to be able to teach you in more detail the difference between two possible aesthetic and beauty business models:

Model I: €65 per hour of work The first business approach is based on easy-to-sell services at affordable prices: Other Services: manicures, pedicures, waxes, etc. Laser hair removal sold by single sessions Body with little equipment and facials the same. They are easy to sell, but they do not generate customer loyalty and the profitability per hour of work is greatly reduced. The profitability, in this case, will be around €65 per hour of work. Model II: €120 per hour of work This second approach implies a good equipment of aesthetic appliances, proven work protocols and an effective protocolized sales system, in which all staff must be trained, and comply with it. In short, a method based on sales of vouchers/treatments that can exceed €500, with a high level of loyalty. In this case, the billing generated in aesthetic appliances would be much higher than other services. Here laser hair removal stands out with 40% of all the center's sales. In this case, the overall turnover of the center will be €120 per hour of work.

5. Find a location for your beauty salon Once everything fits, you are clear about your business model and its viability, it is time to get down to work with the search for the perfect place. That space in which you will fulfill all your dreams as an entrepreneur. Let me tell you one thing. Finding a place for your center is not as easy as it seems. In an ideal world, it would be fantastic if the premises were located in the most central area, at street level, with excellent accessibility (free parking, public transport, etc.), at an affordable price, away from the competition and with space enough to develop your activity. However, you must be realistic. We know that in most cases this will not be the case. So you will have to visit many before deciding to rent a beauty salon that best suits your business idea for your new beauty salon. Even when you have found it, you will still have a lot of work ahead of you, since you will have to: Negotiate rent. Make sure the viability of the opening license, because not all premises are valid to set up an aesthetic center. Study the distribution of the beauty center plan taking into account its functionality and profitability. Make sure that you will be able to adapt the premises to the required regulations. Etc.

Once the premises have been chosen and its viability for a beauty business assured, it will be time to study the layout plan of the premises. You will have to achieve a design that is, on the one hand, functional and, on the other, that facilitates profitability as much as possible. It must also be consistent with your business model. To achieve this you must take into account these four basic points: The optimal use of space. Number of cabins, types and how they will be distributed. The circulation of both customers and staff in daily activity. Compliance with regulations in anticipation that, if in the future you plan to convert your business into an aesthetic medical center, it can be easily adapted to a license of this type at a reduced cost. In this post: 8 Keys to design the plan of an aesthetic center we give you many clues to help you.


6. Corporate strategy of your business You must work on the corporate image with which you feel most identified. It is also important that you define what the value proposition of your beauty business will be and how your services differ from those of the competition. To do this, you will need a name and a logo for your center that represents your brand. Here you will discover How to choose the best name for your beauty business If you need a slogan, here you will find 12 catchy slogans for beauty salons For the corporate image think of your favorite colors. Those that best go with you and with whom you feel identified.

Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration to find inspiration. Create a board on this social network and start saving all the images you like, textures that appeal to you, colors that identify your personality. Look to Google Fonts for inspiration for original typefaces. Locate aesthetic websites with attractive designs on the Internet. If you do this, when you transmit your ideas to the designer, it will be much easier for him to understand your tastes and preferences. This will make it much easier for you to develop a corporate image in which you will see yourself reflected. Really. We recommend that you do all this previous exercise before going to a designer. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be for a professional to hit the logo and corporate image with which you most identify. Why is this part so important? Because on this work the whole image of your business will be made. The one that you are going to project abroad and that will be reflected on the facade, flyers, website, interior signage, price lists, appointment cards, profiles on social networks, Internet advertising, etc. If this point fails, you will not feel in tune with your own beauty salon. The business that you yourself have created with so much enthusiasm and effort. For this entire creative process to be successful from the foundations, it is highly recommended to let yourself be advised by professionals. If they have spent time dedicating themselves to creating profitable and successful aesthetic businesses, much better. At Avanxel, with 30 years of experience behind us and more than 150 beauty salons set up, you can start your business on the right foot.

7. Choose a good salon equipment dealer You will need efficient beauty machines and impeccable service. This will greatly help the success and profitability of your business. Therefore, one of your best allies will be the equipment distribution company for beauty salons that you choose. Contact different providers, compare prices, financing, services, training, etc. At first, all this may seem like a world. But to be able to choose well you must be clear about what you should ask in order to compare. Below is a checklist that will help you distinguish a good aesthetic machine provider from a not so good one.


This is what you should look out for:

                    1. Consolidated beauty company Check that the company has been established in the market for some time.                         With this you will ensure that it will not disappear overnight. You can go to directories on the Internet                                   (for example, Kompass) that will tell you their year of creation.

                     2. Different financing options Starting any business involves a considerable initial investment of money. For                           this reason, it will not hurt to be able to choose between different forms of financing when buying your                                  aesthetic machines. You are most likely looking for a safe option to start with. If so, look. Because                                          equipment rental can be an excellent alternative for you.

                     3. Extensive Warranty An extensive guarantee of 4 or 5 years will give you all the security you need to be                                  covered in the event of any incident that may arise. You will appreciate it -and a lot- when you find yourself                          in a situation where you really need support.

                     4. Face-to-face training with a specific certificate for each team Face-to-face training in your own center for                              each piece of equipment you buy or rent, for all the staff that will handle it, is crucial. Knowing how it works                          perfectly is the best way to get the most out of it and achieve real results.

                     5. Unlimited post training The training should not end there. I deliver the machine. I'll explain how it works.                              And there you stay. You must demand training that lasts over time. There are many doubts that you will                                have when you start working. And an incredible relief knowing that you have someone on the other side to                          help you.

                     6. Commercial training The success of a team in a beauty salon does not only consist of the experience and                           training of the beauticians. Also of its capacity to commercialize the treatments. Look for a company that                             gives you those weapons that you need so much to know how to sell the aesthetic treatments that you are                           going to offer. Even if your thing is not sales.

                    7. Technical service You will already know that a good technical service that reaches any point in the territory                          is crucial. Before purchasing equipment, do not forget to ask about the coverage of this service. Because                            it's terrible that a device fails and having to start canceling appointments "sine die" galore. Your image will                        be affected. And also the billing for that month. Without a doubt, this is a very important point.

                    8. Regulatory Compliance The equipment you acquire must comply with all the required regulations if you do                         not want to have problems. Make sure of it!

                    9. Marketing support You will have to advertise to make known, both on the façade and inside, the new                                   device/service that you offer to your target audience. Look for a supplier that provides you with the                                       advertising material you need for each equipment and service. You will have to make the decision about                             the necessary equipment for a beauty salon based on your business model.

Beauty products In addition to equipment, you will also have to look for beauty products for sale but also cosmetic products for cabin work. Just one final piece of advice about equipment dealers: It is a mistake to guide yourself only by the price when buying the equipment and products of your business. Unfortunately, the phrase "Cheap is expensive" is quite true. And more when it comes to your business. Your livelihood. Your reputation. It is not worth risking it with cheap products.

8. Prepare all the documentation you will need By now you will know that there are documents that you have to have for the development of the activity of your center. In this case we are talking about: Informed consents Health status sheets Contracts with clients Follow-up sheets Once again we recommend that you go to a company specialized in setting up aesthetic businesses because they will provide you with all the documentation you need. They will also advise you on when it is necessary to fill it out, why it is necessary and any doubts that may arise.


9. Seek legal advice Delegate all legal, financial and labor matters to an advisor who will help you with licenses, taxes, payroll, etc. A company dedicated to the assembly of beauty centers will also be the perfect ally for the management of the issue of licenses, civil liability insurance, compliance with the data protection law, compliance with the law on safety and health at work, license of activity, etc.


10. Hire qualified staff If you are not going to work alone, you will have to start a personnel selection process. You will also have to take care of the management of salaries, commissions, schedules, vacations, etc. If you have never faced a task of this type, it is best to seek specific advice so that all this does not become a world for you. In this sense, the more specialized that advice is, the better. It is not the same to hire staff for a restaurant or a business than for a beauty salon. Here experience is a degree and letting you advise will save you time, money and headaches.

11. Inauguration and opening of the aesthetic center The big day has finally arrived! The moment when you will open the doors of your business for the first time and you have to do it in a big way. Because it will be a memory you will never forget. Have a fantastic opening party, announce it on the facade, distribute flyers in nearby homes and offices, invite family and friends, hire a caterer, buy drinks, etc. You can also make a raffle right there for a session of facial hygiene, massage or discounts on body treatments. This way you can attract your first customers on the same day of the opening.


12. Look for a company that supports you in every step until the opening of your salon Actually this step should be the first. I explain. The most important thing is that from the beginning you go hand in hand with someone who has a good track record and dozens of projects behind him. You will have advice at each stage of the process and you will not be alone. Never. With Avanxel you will get this FREE consulting service, which will help you at every step until the inauguration and opening of your beauty salon. You will only have to count on the incorporation of Avanxel's advanced aesthetic equipment. What will you get with Avanxel's FREE advice? You will have many more possibilities of achieving the viability of your project You will achieve greater profitability in less time You will obtain more benefits than facing yourself alone "in the face of danger" Take advantage of our 360º consulting service for free in any phase of the project that you need. For example, if you have already chosen the location and you have the license processed, we can skip this part. If it is a transfer of an aesthetic salon and you do not need to make reforms, we can also ignore this point. Fill out this form and tell us what situation you are in. We will adapt to your project and needs so that you can make your dream come true as soon as possible.


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