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755NM. 808NM. 940NM. 1064NM

As modern technology continues to improve, practitioners can deliver an effective, long-lasting solution for undesirable hair for aesthetic and medical indications through laser hair removal treatments.


- What Is Laser Hair Removal Equipment?

Professional hair removal machines are laser and radiation devices with customizable settings primarily intended for hair removal. The equipment emits laser onto the skin through a specialized handpiece that aids in performing relatively painless hair removal treatment. 


- Benefits for your clients 

   Your clients can take advantage of the following:

  • Almost instant results - most clients can see permanent hair reduction from the first session.

  • Precision - The treatment selectively targets dark, coarse hair without harming the surrounding skin. It is clinically safe and effective on a wide range of skin tones with zero to minimal downtime. 

  • Speed - Your clients can save time since the procedure only lasts around fifteen to twenty-five (15-25) minutes.

  • Long-term solution - most patients notice lasting results with laser hair removal. Some may need touch-ups, but it becomes manageable and easy to maintain over time.

Invest in your business!

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal machine for your Spa business


  • Investing in the 2023 LHR  XL device can add substantial value to your spa business. The most obvious advantage is the opportunity for higher sales and profits. If you already have an established clientele, it can take as early as four to five weeks to get all the benefits. 

  • When you purchase the 2023 LHR  XL device, you can offer the latest technology and allow you to reach a broader parts of the population that will most likely need your services while retaining your existing clients.

Cutting-edge hair removal technologies are at our reach and there is a huge opportunity for practitioners and entrepreneurs to make a profitable investment and fill in a need in the market.

Before you buy the 2023 LHR XL device, ask yourself these questions...

1. Is your supplier a laser professional, licensed with minimum 10 years of experience to offer the best machines in the market?
2. Is your supplier a registered seller and approved by TX Department of State health services?
3. Is the machine FDA Approved (State/Nationwide)?
4. Is your supplier a local business facility, easy to reach and be available for any emergency regarding your machine?
5. Has your supplier offered  a factory or distributor warranty?
6. Ask for your taxable invoice for your insurance or tax deduction.
7. If your supplier or dealer offers a license to operate the machine it is because they are not state licensed dealers. It is from a registered school to offer a license never from sellers or dealers.
8. Before you buy a LHR Equipment work with experience and k
nowledgeable  professionals. 

Technical Information

Life Span---------------------------- 100Millions Shots

Frequency--------------------------  0.5-10HZ

Handpiece-------------------------- Saphire Crystal

Cooling System-------------------- Integrated Tec

Laser Wavelenght----------------- 755nm,808nm, 940nm, 1064nm

Energy------------------------------- 2-120 J/cm2  Adjustable

Spot Size---------------------------- 12*20mm

Weight------------------------------- 53.5Kg

Display------------------------------- 15 Touch Screen-LCD+Color LED

Wheels-------------------------------  7cm Steering fixed 360 Degree

Unit Dimensions-------------------- 47x47x109cm

Pulse Width-------------------------- 2-125ms

Laser  Class--------------------------- IV

FDA ----------------------------------- Cleared

Emitter Power----------------------- 1600W

Fuse-----------------------------------  0.5x25 10A

Voltage-------------------------------  110C I 10%

Shell-----------------------------------  Heavy Duty Metal all casing

Warranty Period--------------------  1 Full Year

Our goal is to offer the highest quality of products and the best service to our customers

We also proudly provide training sessions for instruction on how to utilize all the equipment we sell


-All products are intended for cosmetic use-

-All products are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions-

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